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A broken dishwasher is useless.

If yours isn’t working well enough, then get it fixed. In most cases, a dishwasher repair is required as a result of problems with the following dishwasher parts: water pump belt, center, lower and upper wash arm assemblies, water inlet valve, circulation pump, pump and motor assembly, wash impeller, and the circulation and drain pump motor.

We are a leading provider of dishwasher repair in Plymouth MN. We have fixed dishwashers for about as many years as they have existed. Our highly trained repairmen know the ins and outs of dishwasher problems. Our Plymouth dishwasher repair service is one of the best in the Plymouth MN area and you can count on it that we will see your dishwasher repair needs through to the end.

After your initial contact with us we will have an appointment scheduled for one of our repairmen to head to your home in the Plymouth MN area. At this time, our repairmen will diagnose your dishwasher problems and write out an estimate for the entire job. This will include the cost of labor and any dishwasher parts you need.

When we get the green light we will send our repairman out to pick up the needed dishwasher parts in Plymouth MN and return to install them. We will test your machine to make sure it works before considering the job complete. But not before we gift you with a $10 discount for your first repair – plus, we waive our service call fee on all repairs!

So if you are in need of a dishwasher repair in Plymouth MN you can call and we will send out a repairman to look at your dishwasher.

Helpful tip

Buying a stainless steel dishwasher may be more of a hassle than you would have expected. At the very start, you have to shell out roughly $150 more for the stainless steel design. Then, you are looking at an extra $150 on top of that for the dishwasher to have a stainless tub. This is the liner on the inside of your dishwasher and switching to stainless steel only offers cosmetic benefits. While a plastic tub usually won’t give out, it can discolor and make your machine look bad.

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